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Local technician finds possible child pornography

Posted: May 25, 2012 6:18 PM CDT

By: Stephanie Jacksis

KILLEEN – A computer technician was servicing a broken computer that was dropped off Wednesday, when he came across suspicious files.

Everyday, Texas Computer Service in Killeen fixes dozens of computers.  But after, running a diagnostics test and making copies of the files Thursday, a technician noticed suspicious file names on the laptop.

“If we do find it, and it is illegal like this, we have to do our part in society and report it in,” Technician Adam McKinley said.

Workers said the file name read something along the lines of “pre-teen pictures, 15 and younger.”

Manager Roman Gorlov said, “He suspected it could be leading to child pornography or something like this.”

Police were immediately called to investigate the laptop, something the manager said was a brave thing to do.

“I’m actually good that they have a good attitude because it’s so easy to kind of hide and really never do nothing about this,” Gorlov said.  “But I think that it really helps our society and everybody’s benefiting from it.”

The company stresses they never go through their clients files.  However, when making copies of the files onto another drive, file names pop-up.  If illegal material does appear, workers said they will report it to police.

“If it does happen to catch our attention doing just normal work, then yes we do report it,” McKinley said.  “But we don’t intentionally go in and try to find them.  It’s just, they appear.”

“After inspecting the computer and looking at everything and all the evidence,” Gorlov said, “[Police] decided to confiscate and do some investigation.”

Officers are still investigating this case.

Charges will be filed if inappropriate images of underage children are found.


original article:  http://www.kxxv.com/story/18628672/local-technician-finds-possible-child-pornography